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Engage and Grow – Join the team!

Led by national business and church consultant, David Stark, Engage and Grow is a one year process that will help Northwood reach out in specific ways in the coming year as well as develop a long – term strategic plan for future outreach.   We’re looking for people to help make Engage and Grow happen. What is the process of Engage and Grow?

There are five phases: Preparation, Assessment, Equipping, Design and Experiment and Alignment. During the Preparation phase we will meet with leadership and discuss responsibility and timing of each phase.  We will work with staff and members to discuss the church’s history and present strategy plans. We will also look at the surrounding community to identify who is in the community. We engage people in teams to take part in the design and implementation of three to four experiments (outreach type events). Then we will conduct the experiments and gather information and results. Finally, we will map how, over a several-year period, the church can align with the needs of our community.

What’s great about Engage and Grow is it’s a short-term, high-impact volunteer commitment that will reach people now and influence Northwood’s ministry for years to come.  If you want to help, please call Pastor Brian Doten at 763-494-5369 or email him at


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