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A Tough ‘Acts’ to Follow

This Sunday we begin a new series at Northwood, for the next couple of months we are going to learn about the amazing beginnings of the Christian church. We are going to hear stories of brave and bold faith and the supernatural growth the resulted from lives lived wholly for Christ. There is no doubt that the earliest days of Christianity were filled with dramatic change and even uncertainty but the disciples and new Christians remained steadfast in their mission to be a witness for Christ in their homes, their communities, and the world.

As we journey together through Acts I can’t help but see some commonalities between the early church and where Northwood finds itself. The next 18 months will see unprecedented change for Northwood Church as we begin to realize the dream of creating our own “home base for ministry” in Maple Grove. I believe, like the disciples in Acts, that we are positioned for a time of unprecedented growth in God’s church. This will be an extremely exciting time for us as a church family but it will also be an exhausting and challenging one. If we are going to truly ready to receive the Lord’s harvest we are the ones that must be ready to be his witnesses in our homes, in our communities, and our world.

It is my prayer that you will join us on this incredible journey through Acts and into the next stage of life for Northwood Church. It is also my prayer that you would use these Sermon Connect emails to bring the Sunday message into you home and in to your family. Here are two things to help you get off on the right foot.

Attend Every Week

Ok, I know that life is busy and especially with Fall sports and activities it might not be possible to make every Sunday. However, now more than ever it is going to be crucial for us to come together in fellowship, worship, and learning. Things are going to start moving fast and you are going to want to be there each step of the way. Don’t cut yourself out of the loop, come worship and learn with your fellow Northwooders on Sunday mornings.

Get on the Team!

If God brought Acts sized growth to Northwood Church over the next 18 months would we be prepared to receive it? What if 10,000 people show up at our new church building, will we be ready? What if it was just 100 or 200 new families?

It is “Go Time” for Northwood Church and we can’t afford to have anyone on the sidelines. If you don’t serve at Northwood now is the time, I am offering my personal assistance to get you plugged into a place that can use your gifts and talents. I am serious! Email me at and I will hook you up. There’s only one thing worse that being on a losing team, passing up the chance to be on the winning one. 

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