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On the other side of the planet, in a remote part of the desert, students awake early in the morning to begin their walk to class. They travel by foot across rough roads through the desolate landscape. They sit in donated plastic chairs in an abandoned building and prepare for instruction with one goal in mind, “Reach The World from Kakuma.”

SONY DSCThey are the latest class at the Kakuma Interdenominational School of Missions (KISOM), a school begun in 1999 to provide Bible training and theological educations for hundreds of leaders in the Kakuma Refugee Camp. Amid incredible struggles and heartbreaking stories, these young men and women faithfully believe God will use their suffering for his purpose. They are preparing for wherever he will send them.

Since 1999 the school has held classes in churches and abandoned buildings, teaching leaders how to share God’s light wherever they are. This year, Northwood is going to help that light shine a little brighter, by raising funds to construct the first permanent home for KISOM.

Each year we take a special offering during the Christmas season to bless and help and outreach partner with an important need. Past years have built shelters and provided Bibles for refugees, and helped launch a Mobile Food Program through CROSS to feed the hungry in our community. This year’s offering will go towards helping refugees as they prepare to bring Good News wherever they are resettled.

The KISOM building will also be used for special training seminars, youth ministry gatherings, women’s ministry space, community celebrations and secure offices for the United Refugee and Host Churches (URHC), a network of over 60 churches working together to bring hope and salvation to the nearly quarter-million people living in and around the camp.

We are a church dedicated to helping people believe in Jesus Christ and become more like him, both here and abroad. A gift towards the construction of KISOM will ripple around the world and down through generations as the great story of Jesus is shared in multiple countries thanks to the training that can take place. It is a story of God redeeming awful situations for amazing blessing.

The Facts About KISOM

What You Need To Know About KISOM in Kakuma

200,000 Displaced People

The Kakuma Refugee Camp is a collection of 200,000 refugees and displaced people living in semi-temporary housing in the northern deserts of Kenya. Most of them are women achildrenren fleeing civil war, persecution, and other threats to their lives.

A Blessing To the Community

The new KISOM building will be used for more than just classes. It will become a valuable resource for the dozens of churches in Kakuma, and a resource for the community. The building will become a neutral gathering space for seminars, youth group meetings, prayer gatherings, reconciliation meetings, spiritual celebrations, and much more!

Training for Life Near and Far

KISOM has provided Bible training and theological education over 1,500 refugees. This prepares them to spread the Good News if they are resettled, but it also provides a sense of hope and purpose during their time in the camp. Graduation from KISOM is a joyous celebration and a reminder that God is bringing good from an awful situation.

Help KISOM Build Their Future