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A Church That Believes In Small Groups [Sept. 19, 2010]


Speaker: Brian Doten

Series: Present and future church #2

Text: Acts 2:42 – 47; 20:20

Description: God loves small groups! Why? Because small groups are transformational – God uses them to help us become more like Jesus Christ, his son. Read the Bible with “small group eyes” and you’ll be amazed at how often and intentional God is about creating community in his people through small groups. For example, in the Old Testament God created community in Israel through breaking the nation down into tribes, clans and families. In the New Testament God created community through Jesus’ ministry with his disciples (if 12 guys living together for three years isn’t community, what is?!). Then, for the first 350 years of the church believers met in small groups in homes, temple courts and public places (there were no “church buildings” until 400 A.D.). Trace the story, spread and impact of the church and you will see small groups at the heart of the church. Why? Because small groups are transformational. Are you in a small group with believers somewhere?

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