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A Church That Loves Children [Sept. 26, 2010]


Speaker: Brian Doten

Series: Present and future church #3
Title: A church that loves children
Text: Matthew 18:1 – 6; Mark 10:13 – 16; Luke 18:15 – 17

Description: Research says that 85% of believers commit their life to Jesus Christ by the age of 14. The implication of this research, then, is obvious: children’s ministry is one of the most important and essential ministries of the church. Northwood wants to be a church that gives its best effort, energy and resources to children’s ministry. We want o be a church where every child knows they are loved by God. We want to be a church where children are taught the Bible and invited regularly to give their lives to Jesus and follow him. We want to be a church that nurtures godliness, love and faith in families. We want to be a church of loving, caring adults who are crazy for and about kids. We want to be a church with a great children’s ministry.

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