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A Church That Loves Teenagers [Oct. 3, 2010]


Speakers: Brian Doten/Luke Trouten

Series: Present and future church #4
Title: A church that loves teenagers
Text: 1 Timothy 4:12

Description: God’s story is filled with teenagers. David was a shepherd boy – probably a teenager – when he fought and killed Goliath. Mary was around 14 years old – a junior higher – when she became the mother of baby Jesus. The disciple John was most likely a teenager when he began to follow Jesus as one of the Twelve. Timothy was a very young man when Paul invited him to join his church planting team and Timothy became Paul’s closest associate. Paul loved Timothy like a son. All these stories remind us that God has plans and purposes for teenagers and the church should, too. So, what does a church that loves teenagers look like? What kind of a church has a youth ministry that changes lives? Northwood wants to be a church that loves teens with a ministry that God uses to change lives.

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