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A Church That Obeys Jesus Christ [Oct. 10, 2010]


Speaker: Brian Doten

Series: Present & Future Church #5
Title: A church that obeys Jesus Christ

Description: Jesus said that if we love him we will obey him. Stated simply, Jesus says obedience to him is the litmus test of whether we truly love him or not. Obedience to Jesus demonstrates and proves our love for him. Jesus straightforward simple words call us to know what Jesus said and do what Jesus said! In his final hours and during his last moments with the disciples Jesus told them – and us – what he wants us to do. He said, “. . . . remember me (my sacrifice for you) . . . .” and, “Go and make disciples . . . baptize them . . . and teach them to obey . . .” Jesus’ followers take Jesus’ words seriously. In response they remember Jesus life and death through communion, they choose to profess loyalty and love for Jesus through baptism, and they do all they can to help others believe in him, too. So, how about you? Do you love Jesus? Do you obey him?

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