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A Church That Reaches Out To Our Neighbors [Oct. 31, 2010]


Speaker: Mark Collier

Title: The Mission of God
Text: John 3:16, Genesis 12:1-3
Themes: The love of God, creation, separation, redemption, restoration, mission
Everyone loves a great story, but did you know that you are a part of the greatest story of all time? In fact, you’re one of the main characters, but this story is much bigger than you. This story is for all people and for all time. It’s the story about an everlasting Kingdom and a King who is on a mission to redeem all humanity and restore all creation. He will stop at nothing to make himself and his love known, even offering his only Son as a sacrifice to provide a way back for those who have wandered away from his Kingdom. This is the story of the whole Bible. Have you ever stopped to think about how you might tell this story to others? Have you ever stopped to think about how knowing this story might change the way you live your life?

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