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[apane title=”How much land do we own?”]
We own two 10.5 acre parcels at 16100 105th Ave NW (the NW House) and at 15980 105th Ave NW, for a total of 21 acres.[/apane]

[apane title=”How much did we pay for this land?”]
We paid $1.85 million in total for the two parcels of land.[/apane]

[apane title=”When did we purchase the land?”]
We purchased the land in two transactions in November and December 2009.[/apane]

[apane title=”How much do we owe on the properties?”]
We currently have three mortgages that combine for $925,000. We have a $235,000 first mortgage on 16100 105th Ave NW.  We have a $525,000 first mortgage on 15980 105th Ave NW. We have a $165,000 second mortgage on the 16100 105th Ave NW property.[/apane]

[apane title=”What are the current financing terms?”]
These 15-year 4.5% fixed rate mortgages were entered into on 12/1/14.[/apane]

[apane title=”How successful were the FJ1 and FJ2 campaigns?”]
We raised over $750,000 in FJ1 from 79 commitments over a 3-year period (2008 – 2010). We raised over $250,000 in FJ2 from 96 commitments over a 3-year period (2011 – 2013). We continue to get contributions to the Land Fund outside of these commitments (2014+). We have raised over $1.25 million in total.[/apane]

[apane title=”Why are we doing a one year campaign this time?”]
We feel there is a strong sense among the people of NW that we need to get busy with the actual building of the permanent home.[/apane]

[apane title=”What are the current financing terms?”]
These 15-year 4.5% fixed rate mortgages were entered into on 12/1/14. We see some opportunity for development in the area and want to focus our folks on the future building on our site.  We hope to be able to possibly sell one of the pieces of land so that we can pay off the remaining debt, have money in the bank, and start on the actual construction of the permanent home, possibly starting construction in 2016. We feel like a one year campaign will focus our efforts, and prepare us for a much larger decision in 2016. A three year campaign is not necessary, since our decision time frame with building is inside of one year.[/apane]

[apane title=”How much will a new church building cost us?”]
We have asked for preliminary numbers from architects, and were told that we would need about $2million for the actual building, not including the land. This will give us a church building with approximately 12,000 square feet, which would include a worship area, church staff offices and some Sunday School/meeting rooms.[/apane]

[apane title=”Do we have enough money to build something next year?”]
We shall see! If we sell one of the pieces of land, we would have money in the bank (depending on what it sells for) and no debt on the land. Do the math from there.[/apane]

[apane title=”Why haven’t we built yet?”]
We simply haven’t raised enough funds to do so yet. This FJ2.5 campaign will help us.[/apane]

[apane title=”Will we sell both pieces of land?”]
Not likely, but will completely depend on what we are offered.[/apane]

[apane title=”Will we keep both pieces of land?”]
Not likely, given the amount of remaining debt. If we get contributions for it, then we would have no reason to sell. Selling one piece of land enables us to build faster.[/apane]

[apane title=”Will we sell both pieces of land?”]
Not likely, but will completely depend on what we are offered.[/apane]

[apane title=”Why do we need a permanent home for Northwood? Why can’t we stay in the Community Center?”]
The primary reason we need a building is to expand our ability to reach people and to help them believe in Jesus Christ and become more like Him.  We need a permanent home to give us a launching pad to grow our current ministries and to begin new ministries that we are currently unable to do. We need a permanent home to allow us to have a place that the people of the NW suburbs identify as a place to come and worship. We are an outreaching church, and we want to have a place for people in the NW suburbs to come experience God and enjoy biblical community at Northwood. The MG Community Center has limited ability for growth, and is a shared facility with many other folks from the community. It limits our ability for ministry.  We believe that God has moved us to this land. We believe He has opened doors for us along the way, and has facilitated this process throughout.  In 2006, NW created a Future Home Task Force, made up of volunteers from the church. The FHTF reports to the Leadership Team. The FHTF put forth its findings, and the LT determined that we needed to move forward with finding a permanent home.[/apane]

[apane title=”After this campaign, what are our next steps?”]
Everything depends on whether we sell one piece of property. If one gets sold, we will likely begin an immediate building campaign on the remaining parcel, and will kick off the process for breaking ground. If neither property is sold, we will have to re-assess our financial ability to build or raise more money before building.[/apane]

[apane title=”How am I able to give financially?”]
You can give on-line, in the weekly offering, or mail it in to the church office. You can also give your financial assets, such as publicly traded equities (stock). Please contact Renee directly in the church office for this type of gift.[/apane]