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Bibles for Refugees Christmas offering hits $10,000!

Bibles for refugees collageIsn’t that great, $10,000?! Thank you for saying “yes” to this effort and being part of it all! Let’s thank and praise God for his continued work among us at Northwood Church and our friends and family who continue to give. IAFR (International Association for Refugees) will purchase 1000 Bibles for refugees living in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in northwest Kenya. Tom Albinson, President of IAFR said “IAFR is deeply moved by the sacrificial generosity of Northwood Church in it’s response to the need for Bibles in Kakuma. Thank you for your partnership with IAFR and the refugee churches in the camp!”

Pastor Jean‐Pierre Gatera, leader of the UHRC (United Host and Refugee Churches)
in Kakuma said, “The Bibles are especially valuable to us at this time. So many new
people from South Sudan are now arriving here in Kakuma with nothing at all ‐ not
even their own Bibles. When we give them Bibles, God’s Word gives them hope

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