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Brian’s Brainpan – Slow Motion

One of the reasons I like watching sports on TV is the slow-motion replays. What’s cool about slow motion is it helps us see what really happened. Normally, the replay also includes a commentator explaining everything. The whole thing helps viewers like me better understand the game and what’s happening. It shows the skill, grit and effort of the athletes. It shows their achievement. It helps us feel their moment and marvel at what they did.

That’s exactly what we’re attempting to do on Sunday mornings at Northwood in our current sermon series, “24 Hours that Changed the World.” We’re doing “slow motion replay” of Jesus’ last 24 hours. We’re breaking down the action and talking about each hour and moment during Jesus’ awful day. We’re not done with the series yet – we still have several “hours” to look at, however, I find myself growing in admiration and love for Jesus each Sunday. Specifically, I’ve been impressed with how calm and controlled Jesus is.

As everybody around him is losing it, Jesus remains focused on fulfilling the mission God gave him and focused on the needs of others, not himself. He cares for the disciples in the Upper Room. He invites Judas to reconsider his plan of betrayal. He prays for the disciples in the Garden. He responds calmly and directly to the mob that came to arrest him. He told Peter to put his sword away and then healed the severed ear of Malchus. He stood silently in front of the Sanhedrin, knowing they didn’t want truth, they wanted him dead. Next Sunday we’re going to talk about Jesus before Pilate – another moment where Jesus embraced God’s plan and was amazingly calm and courageous. Truly, Jesus is worthy of our love, worship and life for how he courageously and willingly gave his life for us.

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