Changing Seasons

by Missi McKown

It’s official, summer has ended. The cooler weather is upon us which signals the start of a new season including fall, football (Go Vikes!) and lots of change at Northwood.

We’re welcoming the new worship pastor, Travis Scharn and his wife Sarah. We’re searching for a new children’s director. Small groups are revving up. Discipleship courses are being planned. Kids and youth programs kick into high gear and there is busyness all around.

And even though we are less than four months from the end of 2010, a new season has begun.

What about in your home? If you have kids- a brand new school year has just started. Are there other changes? Did you take time this summer to re-prioritize?

I know September isn’t usually the time to make resolutions, but it could be the perfect opportunity.

Maybe you’ve thought about wanting to get more plugged in at Northwood but you’re not sure how. There are lots of opportunities from assisting with power point to set up and tear down to children’s ministry and more. Ask someone who’s already doing what you’re thinking about or talk to one of the pastors about getting connected.

In our home, we spent some time this summer pondering what we’d like our “school year” to look like. Summer is always insane and all bets are off for our “normal” commitments. But starting this month, we’re making some changes in our schedule to allow for serving somewhere new at Northwood.

The truth is, any time can be a good time to reinvent yourself. Use whatever excuse you need to make changes for the better.

Maybe you’ve been trying to eat healthier, exercise more, spend more time with God, make new friends, have less clutter, or ________ fill in the blank with something you want for your life that you don’t have now.

There’s no time like the present, whether it’s January 1st, September 25,or any other time- we each have a choice every day on how we react to or change our circumstances.

For the last two years I have been trying to take control of my life. As time has passed without the desired result, I have been worn down and ultimately have had no option but to trust that God knows what He is doing, even when I don’t.

As much I have a desire that I thought would best serve me if God answered the prayer, I’ve found that I appreciate the waiting time as a chance to remind myself of how much bigger God is than me.

As elementary as it sounds, it’s something I forget quite often. Those who know me really well know I can be bossy and I like to be in charge (I try to hide it from the rest of you), so the surrender part of Christianity is one of the hardest parts for me.

It’s something I have to consciously practice and lately God has been giving me plenty of opportunity. Is there something God has been trying to teach you?

Let’s do it together, let’s make September a time to start fresh, embrace our goals and try to walk a little closer to Jesus and imitate Him this season.


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    Nicky says

    Great post, Missi! I too am a person who like to take charge. But there is something so sweet and peaceful knowing God has my back and is in control.

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