Earlier Start Time Makes Kids’ Midweek More Accessible

Earlier Start Time Makes Midweek More Accessible

by Jon Dack

I remember it well, rushing home from our church’s Wednesday night program with my kids in the back seat. Some in full blown tantrum mode and all in a grumpy mood. They had just spent all day in school and then the entire evening at church. So by 8:30 they were just plain tired and as I drove home to the sounds of crying children, I would think to myself, “if I wasn’t the children’s pastor there is no way I would choose to keep my kids out this late on a school night.”

This is the dilemma a lot of families face, they want to get their kids involved with a midweek program at their church but it is just makes the day too long, especially for kids in the lower elementary grades. That is one of the reasons we deliberately set 6 p.m. as the start time for Northwood Kids new midweek program. That way kids are done for the evening by 7:15 and can be home and ready for bed by 8. No more over tired kids, no more tantrums, just a midweek program designed to work for kids and families.

Top 3 Things You Need to Know about Northwood Kids New Midweek Program

1. When and where is it going to happen? Wednesday October 5th will be our first night of the year. The program will run from 6-7:15pm at the Northwood House East.

2. Who is it for? Kids Kindergarten – 6th grade and their friends are invited to join us.

3. How do I get involved?  While you can register your kids on October 5th early registration is encouraged by visiting  www.northwood.cc/events. Adults are also needed to make the program a success, if you are interested in being part of the team email Pastor Jon at jon.dack@northwood.cc.

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