Born For A Purpose

The Christmas season is full of holiday gatherings, decorated houses, and exchanging of gifts. It is wonderful to celebrate Jesus birth, and it is also important to remind ourselves why he was born.

Jesus was born to reconnect humanity to God, to restore a broken relationship. His birth was a necessary step for his death and resurrection. He was born for a purpose, and that purpose was to die for our sins.

The clarity about why Jesus was born confronts us with the same question, “Why was I born? What’s my purpose in life?” Do you have an answer for that question? It’s important because having an answer leads to a well ordered and lived life. It leads to the life God invites us to live. Perhaps this Christmas Eve it would be a good idea to ask ourselves, “Why was I born?” “What’s my purpose in life?”


What To Expect

A Family Service

Northwood’s Christmas Eve services are designed with the entire family in mind. Each service combines worship through familiar Christmas songs, the telling of the Christmas story, and a message meant to connect that story to your own.

A Comfortable Setting

We invite you to come as you are, whether that’s jeans and a t-shirt, dressed for the family portrait, or wearing a tacky Christmas sweater. There are always a lot of new faces on Christmas Eve, and we’d love to meet you personally. There’s no dress code or confusing ceremonies, just a chance to worship God and celebrate Jesus.

An Invitation to Return

Northwood meets every Sunday morning at the Maple Grove Community Center. If you are looking for a new spiritual home or have questions about God we hope you’ll choose to join us again on the weekend soon.

Where To Go

Join us at the Maple Grove Community Center. We’re the only thing happening in the building that night, so we’ll be easy to find. Just enter through the main doors and you’ll be greeted by friendly faces who can help you find your way.

We look forward to seeing you on Christmas Eve, and may you have a very merry Christmas!