Why be Baptized?

There are two reasons to be baptized:

1) to obey Jesus’ command

2) to publicly proclaim personal faith in Jesus Christ and confirm our identity with him. Baptism always follows salvation and serves as an physical symbol of an spiritual transformation.

Baptism by immersion is a visual representation of the gospel story: When Jesus died, he was buried in the ground and rose again. Baptism is a drama reenacting what Jesus did for us – except it is in water and only for a few seconds. That is why we practice baptims by immersion at Northwood Church. Most Northwood Church baptisms are conducted outdoors at community lakes as a visual witness to others of our faith in Jesus Christ.

Believer’s baptism serves as a declaration of our participation in the body of Christ, the church. Believer’s baptism is also an act of submission. When we are baptized we are humbly admitting that we are sinners who can’t forgive our own sins. We admit we need Jesus Christ as Savior.

To inquire about baptism please contact the church office.