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Disciple U Class on Spiritual Growth November 5

Everything in creation needs certain things to sustain life and experience healthy growth. In the same way, our personal relationship with Jesus Christ requires certain elements to grow and become healthy and reproductive. This is why the Bible often uses terms such as fruit, life and meat to portray a growing follower of Christ and barren, unfruitful, and milk to describe an immature and non-growing person. The Bible clearly teaches specific practices that will determine the growth of a person’s spiritual life. If you have a desire to grow in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ, please consider attending our next Disciple U class, The Beginning Steps of a Lifelong Journey: 5 Things Every Christian Needs to Grow, on Saturday, November 5, ,from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., at the Northwood House. Robert Alexander will be facilitating the class. The cost of the class will be $5 to cover the cost of handout materials and refreshments. Childcare will be provided at an additional cost of $10 per child ($20 maximum). Advance registration is important. Register at the Welcome Table on Sunday or call the office at 763.494.5369 and please indicate how many children would require childcare.

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