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Disciple U – Parenting in the Digital Age

Any sentence that starts with “when I was a kid” is automatically assumed to be irrelevant and outdated. And why not? When you were a kid there were no Twitter, texting, Facebook, cell phones, or mp3 players. Your social network was anyone who was free on Friday night.

These days, youth send thousands of texts a month, share intimate details of their lives with hundreds of students online, and are in a constant state of connectedness. What’s a parent to do?

Join other parents on April 15 during the second service as we talk about Parenting in the Digital Age. Our resident adolescence expert and youth pastor, Luke Trouten, will be talking about the latest tech trends and the impact they have on the social life of today’s students. This seminar is for parents with children of any age. It’s never too early to start learning how your son or daughter is going to interact with the brave new digital world.

Sign up online or at the Welcome Table.

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