Faithfulness Word Cloud

On February 10, 2013 we focused our services around the fruit of the spirit “Faithfulness”.  As part of our Ink series, we expressed our worship to God by writing down on large tablets of paper how God has shown us His faithfulness recently.  Many Northwooders participated in this worship element and the pages of the tablets were full of testimonies of how God has shown us His faithfulness.  After the services, a bunch of people came up to me to express their appreciation for the opportunity to engage in worship in this way and asked if there would be any followup to this element.

So, here’s the follow up.  I created a word cloud from the tablet pages.  The idea is simple.  I just typed each word that appeared on the tablet pages repeating those words that were written more than once as many times as they were written.  Then the word cloud engine arranged the words in a graphic with words that were represented more times having the prime locations and larger text than those that appeared less times.  The result was amazing and I wanted to make sure I shared it with all of you.

I will challenge you to spend time and find the word that you wrote about God’s faithfulness in your life.  When you’ve found your word, let your eye follow the words on the rest of the image as well.  We get to rejoice in this!!!  God is faithful!!! And he is doing amazing things in the lives of Northwooders!!! Let’s celebrate God’s faithfulness together.


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    Renee Kraemer says

    I found mine! E1R1.

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