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From East to West . . . and North and South [December 18, 2011]


Description: The Magi who came from the east traveled far to worship Jesus and give him gifts.  King Herod, upon hearing about Jesus’ birth, saw him as a rival and threat to his throne.  Herod schemed how to eliminate baby Jesus while the Magi searched until they found him and bowed in worship to the baby born King of kings.  The Magi and Herod remind us that we all have to decide about Jesus for ourselves and that some will choose to worship Jesus and some will choose to reject him.  What do you choose to do about Jesus?

Speaker: Brian Doten

Series: The road to Bethlehem

Title: From east to west . . . and north and south

Text: Matthew 2:1 – 12

Theme:  Deciding about Jesus

Big idea: We all have to decide about Jesus.


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