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From Genesis to Matthew [Dec. 4, 2011]


Description: The road to Bethlehem began thousands of years before in Genesis when God promised a Messiah who would “crush the serpent’s head” and “be a blessing to all the nations.”  Then, from Genesis to Matthew God continued to speak through the prophets about Messiah’s coming.  Matthew, moreso than the other gospels, tells us how Jesus’ birth fulfilled prophecy after prophecy.  Why did Matthew make such a big deal of fulfilled prophecies?  What do fulfilled prophecies say about God?  About Jesus?  About today? 

Speaker: Brian Doten

Series: The road to Bethlehem

Title: From Genesis to Matthew

Text: Genesis 3:14 – 15, 12:1 – 3, Matthew 1 – 2

Theme:  Fulfilled prophecies about Jesus

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