Future 5th and 6th Graders!

nwkids-logoOver the summer we want to encourage you to attend the entire worship service with your parents. Worshiping and learning with other believers is a crucial part of being a Christian and we think you’re old enough to try it out. To encourage you to pay attention we have come up with a challenge for you. Simply fill out one of the “sermon notes” booklets every time you’re in service with your family, turn in 5 or more completed sermon notes booklets over the summer, and you will earn a $15 gift card to DQ!

Specific weekly directions:

  1. Take one of the booklets from the display in the lobby.
  2. 2. Complete at least 4 activities in the book as you sit in the service
  3. Drop the booklet back into the box in the lobby before you  leave (make sure you write your name on front!)

We’ll keep track of how many booklets you complete over the summer and mail you your gift card at the end of the summer. Have fun!


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