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Hannah – The Sacrifice of Devotion [Aug. 12, 2012]


Description: Hannah is one of the great women of the Bible and a mother like none other.  Her life was full of grief and hostility as a barren woman, but God heard her prayers and blessed her with a child.  In a time when people did what was right in their own eyes Hannah gave to God what was most cherished to her; her beloved son.  Through Hannah’s story we see one who is passionately devoted to God and prayerfully gives her all to Him.  How can we be devoted to God like his servant Hannah?  Let us lay down before God that which is most cherished to us.  

Speaker:  Stephen Foust

Series: Mentors #10

Title: Hannah – The Sacrifice of Devotion

Text: 1 Samuel 1:1 – 2:11


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