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Heart Check – New Message Series begins Sept. 9

Is your heart healthy?

A healthy heart is essential to life.   Ask any doctor or nurse and they will tell you the condition of your heart greatly impacts the quality and longevity of your life.  The Bible talks a lot about the importance of the heart as well.  In fact, it says the condition of our heart influences everything we say and do.  So, what’s the condition of your heart? Is it divided or undivided, broken or healed, growing or shrinking?  And, what about the heart of Northwood Church?  What condition are we in? Are we healthy? This fall, as we begin another ministry year, it’s a great time to examine our own heart and the heart of Northwood Church, and ask if we are caring for the healthy heart God wants for each of us.


The new series beings September 9 and goes until October 7.
Worship services are held every Sunday at 9:30am & 10:50am at the Maple Grove Community Center (map)

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