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Helping Believers Who Wander From God [June 26,2011]


Description: Every believer has a family member or friend who has wandered away from God.  Its heart – breaking to watch and it’s difficult to know what to do to encourage them to return to the Lord.  James concludes his letter with a challenge to reach out to believers who “fall away” and “wander from the truth.”  He reminds us that when do so our actions have eternal consequences both for them and for us.  Who do you know who has wondered from the truth and needs to return to the Lord?  Today we’ll talk about how to reach out to them and we’ll pray for God to bring them back soon – for their sake and ours as well.

Speaker(s): Brian Doten

Series: James #18

Title: Helping believers who wander from God

Text:  James 5:18 – 20

Big idea: God calls us to reach out to believers who wander away and welcome them back.


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