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Highway 610 Gets Approval for Completion

Last week, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that Hwy 610, which is currently stopped east of Elm Creek Blvd in Maple Grove, has been slated for construction to begin next year, more than four years sooner than previously expected. Hwy 610 will be extended west to connect to I-94, along 101st Ave, just behind the Target and Home Depot stores. The Northwood house, at 16100 105th Ave, will likely get a paved road sooner than expected, although that may not happen until 2016-17.

The Future Home Task Force (FHTF) met with City officials on Wednesday, and got an update on Maple Grove’s plans. It sounds like they will be “moving dirt” within the next year, as the city works on completing the $130 million project to connect Hwy 610 to I-94. Other projects will include paving 105th Ave, and adding bridgework and clover leafs along I-94. City officials were pleased that the timetable for this project was moved up from previous estimated dates.

So what does this mean for Northwood’s church building plans? We still owe approximately $900,000 on our land, and we will need more than that to build a building. Since the FHTF is tasked with finding land and helping to organize fund raising for a building, the FHTF will continue to assess Northwood’s chances of building on its current site, consider the budget, and assess the suitability of other sites in the area. The announcement concerning the Hwy 610 completion will likely make our existing land worth more than it was just a few weeks ago, a positive fact should Northwood decide to sell its land and look elsewhere.

Stay tuned for more news. In the meantime, please continue to pray with your small groups and with the rest of Northwood for God’s continued guidance in our efforts to find a permanent home for Northwood, and for the funds to build it. Finally, remember to thank him for his hand in this recent, good news for Northwood Church. God has been good to Northwood.

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