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Hola (Mexico Update #3)

Since our last update on Tuesday morning, we have been on a whirlwind of activities and emotions. However, this has also given us the opportunity to see God come through for each of us in personal ways.

Seminars: For the past 3 days, Bret has had the opportunity to participate in leadership seminars at Bet-Lehem Iglesias. The attendance alone has been an aswer to prayer with 17 pastors representing 8 churches from 5 different cities have been attending. For Bret, this has been a dream come true to be able to participate in a teaching capacity with the leadership teams, while those attending have commented that this has been such a blessing. The participants graduate today and will receive a new study Bible with a commentary to help them back at their local churches.

Vacation Bible School: While Bret has been inside for the classes, Don and Katie had been enjoying the beautiful outdoors helping with Vacation Bible School, hosted by a daughter church in La Guadulaupana. Over the last 3 days, there have been over 100 different niƱos in attendance. We were able to help with games, music, crafts and most importantly, just spending time with the children. It has been so encouraging to see these young ones get excited about different stories from the Bible. As today was our last day at VBS, it was also very hard to say adios to some of the children that we have grown attached to. It is amazing how you can feel a strong bond with someone and not be able to hardly share a single word.

Childrens Ministry. In the afternoon following lunch

Prayer requests:
– Please pray that God would be with each of the little ones in attendance at VBS. May the seeds planted this week continue to grow in the love of the Lord and be examples to those around them.

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