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Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

Sunday, November 17 Robert Alexander is speaking. Senior Pastor Brian Doten is en-route from his journey to Kenya to visit refugee pastors in the Kakuma Refugee Camp.

CpCplogoHunger is something you feel at every stage of life; it is also a sign of health to be hungry. The only thing that is unhealthy is for hunger to go unsatisfied. There are different kinds of hungers and thirsts. In addition to physical hunger, there is also a spiritual hunger and additionally an emotional thirst. In Matthew 5:6 Jesus takes an experience from everyday life—the painful experience of hungering and thirsting—and uses it as an illustration to reveal the longings of the soul for meaningful contact with God and discerning his will for our lives. Matthew 5:6. (NIV) Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

His analogy reveals that righteousness is required for spiritual life just as food/water is necessary for physical life – it is not optional. We can no more live spiritually without righteousness than we can live physically without food or water. The opposite of hunger is satisfaction—being full, complacent and lukewarm. All of us are hungry and thirsty; the problem is that we try to fill that emptiness, that hunger, with things other than God. What things does your heart long after? For what things does your heart hunger for?

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