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Hunger Initiative Food Reaches Dadaab Refugee Camp

We have just received exciting news that our Hunger Initiative food shipment has reached the Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya and the food has been distributed to families in need. Back on February 25th, 965 volunteers from Northwood and New Life partnered with impact Lives to pack 254,664 meals for Dadaab. These meals were part of a larger shipment of two containers (570,000 meals from Impact Lives, Kidz Food, and Kids Against Hunger) that were shipped to Kenya earlier in the summer.

The food cleared customs and was distributed through July and August through the receiving organization World Help. According the report from World Help, “daily and weekly rations were distributed to families living outside the camp to nourish them until they were placed in the camp proper. The families received fresh water and wood or charcoal to cook the meals. Twenty percent of the meals went to adults, mostly single mothers, and eighty percent went to children.” Let’s thank God for this great news and that hungry mouths are being fed in Dadaab. Will you also continue to pray for the 500,000 people who call Dadaab home (a refugee camp built to accommodate 90,000 people), with up to 1,400 new refugees, mostly from Somalia, arriving daily.

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