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HWY 610 Update

HWY 610As previously communicated, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that Hwy 610, which is currently ends east of Elm Creek Blvd in Maple Grove, has been slated for construction to begin next year, more than four years sooner than previously expected. Hwy 610 will be extended west to connect to I-94, along 101st Ave, just behind the Target and Home Depot stores. The Northwood house, at 16100 105th Ave, will likely get a paved road sooner than expected.

On Monday, December 16, an open forum was held at the Maple Grove Government Center to present the new preliminary layout design to the public and allow the public to comment on the proposed design. Several members of the Northwood Leadership Team and Future Home Task Force were able to attend and speak with representatives from the City. Following are some highlights of what the attending Northwooder’s learned:

The entire project includes the completion of Highway 610, paving and rerouting 105th Ave so that it is directly accessible off Maple Grove Parkway (vs. the current Ranchview Lane) and closing and rerouting of traffic around 101st Avenue. Without the contractor in place, the detailed project schedule is uncertain. However, City officials indicated the following would be likely:

  • The awarding of the ‘design build’ contract for the entire project will be in August of 2014.
  • Once the design build contractor is on aboard in August, they will spend the first couple months putting schedules and timelines together that will take the entire project thru 2017.
  • It is unlikely any dirt will be moving 2014. Though there will probably be equipment being moved into place in late 2014 in anticipation of the heavy work beginning in 2015.
  • Highway 610 would be open for traffic in 2016.
  • 105th would likely get blacktopped in 2016, but possibility it could happen in 2015.
  • The City continues to work on determining how and when sewer and water is delivered to the area.

Stay tuned for more news. In the meantime, please continue to pray with your small groups and with the rest of Northwood for God’s continued guidance in our efforts to find a permanent home for Northwood, and for the funds to build it.

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