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Information on Paving 105th Avenue

City of Maple Grove May Pave 105th Avenue

In mid – December 2012 Maple Grove city official’s co – hosted an Open House for the 610 Project along with MnDot and 610 designers.  Several Future Home Task Force (FHTF) members attended the gathering and visited personally with Maple Grove representatives.  Northwood leaders learned some helpful and encouraging news about the project that impacts our planning and schedule for a future building.

They learned:

• The City of Maple Grove wants to improve 105th Avenue (our road) due to the availability of federal funds allocated to the 610 project that need to be spent by 2015 or they will be lost (use it or lose it).

• Maple Grove is seeking to gain MnDot approval by spring 2013 to use these funds for 105th Avenue improvement.

• If MnDot grants approval, Maple Grove will begin planning and acquiring land rights to begin improvement.  The earliest the project could start is spring 2014, but the project start date will be determined in spring 2013 if MnDot grants approval.  This improvement would allow area development to take place upon completion.

Why is this important?  105th Avenue needs to be paved before Northwood can build.  While Northwood could initiate and pay for having 105th Avenue paved, there are significant advantages to this work being initiated by the City of Maple Grove (either in response planned development or as part of the 610 project).  If MnDot grants approval for paving 105th Avenue, uncertainty regarding our timeline for the construction of our first building would be reduced (vs. waiting for other development to drive the paving) and Northwood resources that would need to be used to pave 105th Avenue would be freed up to pay for other costs associated with the construction of our first building (vs. Northwood having the road paved).  In other words, future development of our current property comes more clearly into focus.

FHTF leader Dan Koller commented, “Please pray for God’s favor regarding paving 105th Avenue. We’d love for that to happen as soon as possible. Also, though, pray for wisdom about future planning if MnDot turns down the proposal from the City of Maple Grove. Ultimately, this matter is in God’s hands and we trust in Him for Northwood’s future.”

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