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Jonah: The Reluctant Missionary [July 29, 2012]


Description: Jonah’s story shows us that it has always been part of God’s character to reach the lost. Jonah heard God’s call to go to Nineveh, but was reluctant (understatement) to go. Scripture is clear that we are called to be God’s hands and feet in our homes, communities and the world over. When I talk to people about serving, I often notice that they have a strong desire to serve, but they are reluctant because they are uncomfortable or not confident about the outcome. I’ve learned in my life that profound change occurs in those moments of discomfort and powerlessness where we find we have no choice but to rely on God. Jonah didn’t want to go the Ninevites. His story shows us how God uses people (even reluctant/disobedient ones) to reach others and in that process changes those he sends. Jonah ends with God being upset with Jonah, so we can’t say for sure that Jonah changed his heart but we get to clearly see that God’s heart has never changed with regards to reaching the lost.   

Speaker: Jason Dyer

Series: Mentors #8

Title: Jonah: The Reluctant Missionary

Text: Book of Jonah

Big Idea: God uses people (even reluctant/disobedient ones) to reach others

while he also changes those he sends.

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