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Brian Doten - April 23, 2017

The First Trekkie

Courageous Faith

In the Bible, Abraham is called the “Friend of God” because “he obeyed when God called him to leave home and go to another land without knowing where he was going.” It was a bold and courageous thing to do. Would you be willing to do that? To step out and trust God to do something or go somewhere without knowing where it will lead you? If you are, you have the kind of faith that that pleases God and works with God to do great things. You see, we read Abraham’s story of faith from beginning to end and know how it all turned out, however, Abraham lived many, many years between receiving the promises of God and seeing the promises of God fulfilled. And, it’s the living in between promises made and promises fulfilled where faith grows and is tested. Ultimately, to please God and be a child of God, we all need to trust God like Abraham did, and when we do, the Bible calls us a son or daughter of Abraham – a “friend of God.”

From Series: "Courageous Faith"

Following Jesus is a walk of faith, of trust and of courageous obedience to do what Jesus wants. The Bible if filled with stories of people who courageously followed God – people who placed their lives and futures in the hands of God and trusted him with everything they had and were. Their lives and words challenge us to live courageously for God today, because following God requires courage in every generation. So, do you consider yourself a courageous Christian? This spring we’ll look at eight people God used to do extraordinary things because they were courageous for God. Hopefully, God will use their stories to inspire us to live courageously for him!

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