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Brian Doten - October 13, 2013

Changed people smell sweet

All of us produce an aroma that is distinct to us (if you disagree, just ask someone who knows you well!). Our aroma gets into our clothes, on our pillows and in our cars and homes and is indistinguishable to us. The New Testament tells us that people who believe in Jesus have a distinct aroma, too. Paul calls it “the aroma of Christ,” a “Christ – like fragrance.” Further, Paul tells us our aroma is the sweet smell of life to some but the stench of death to others. In other words, as we share and live the Gospel of Christ before others some will recognize it is a life – giving fragrance and they will believe in Christ and find life. Sadly, however, some will reject the Gospel of Christ because to them it smells like death. While we can’t control how people respond to the aroma of Christ in us we can certainly make sure we put it on. Does the aroma Christ surround you? Text: 2 Corinthians 2:14 – 16

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