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Brian Doten - May 11, 2014

God's Great Gift

On the day of Pentecost – fifty days after the resurrection of Jesus Christ – God the Father sent the Holy Spirit into the disciples as they were gathered together. That moment included the sound of a strong wind that filled the room and flames or tongues of fire that settled on all those present. Then, everyone began to speak in languages they had never learned and the disciples preached the message of Jesus Christ to thousands of Jewish pilgrims gathered in Jerusalem for Pentecost. Peter gave the “final word” with an invitation to profess belief in Jesus Christ. Three thousand responded and said, “yes,” to Jesus. It was an amazing moment! That day the first church began in Jerusalem. And, since that day the church has spread across the world and been birthed in countless countries, languages, tribes and people. All because of the powerful ministry and gift of the Holy Spirit.

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