Love Completely [April 29, 2012]


Description:      Loving completely begins with having a heart of gratitude.  That’s because gratitude grows our heart, it expands out heart.  Gratitude leads us to peace and contentment.  It helps us love others and see them a gift from God.  Luke’s gospel tells us the story of Jesus healing ten lepers.  Surprisingly, only one of the ten men returned to Jesus to say thanks for giving him his life back.  The other nine returned to their lives without a word of thanks to the one who healed them from their death sentence.  Amazing – and sad.  The story of the ten lepers teaches us important lessons about gratitude and how it helps us love others completely.  

Speaker:           Brian Doten

Series:              One month to live #2

Title:                 Love completely

Text:                 Luke 17:11 – 19

Big idea:           Loving others completely begins with having a heart of gratitude;

gratitude grows our heart.


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    MIKE POWELL says

    even though the 9 were physically healed, like lazaures they had to be loosed from the wraps of death. A leper was a reject and shunned by society. In their own eyes they were still lepers. They were still holding on to the bitterness of rejection. Like many of us today, even though God has forgiven us we still look upon ourselves as unworthy. The truth is we have not only been forgiven but justified. When we understand that, we will return and give thanks more than all others. With thanksgiving and praise to Jesus our redeemer

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