Meals Ministry Story: Muriel

We like to feature stories from our ministry teams as they make a difference in the lives of people here, there, and everywhere. Here is a story from our meals ministry team.

I had my right knee replace in April of 2011. The Meals Ministry Team brought us food for approximately two weeks. They offered longer, but we had friends and family to help after that. The food was wonderful and such a help, since I am the cook in the family and was unable to stand on my feet that long. We were given a variety of food and an amazing amount. In fact, so much I had to freeze
some, so they fed us for much more than two weeks. It was such a help.


As a child, I learned how important it is to meet people’s basic needs – and food is definitely one of them. I came from a family of eight. I was the oldest and when I was in high school; my mother was in a very serious car crash along with three of my siblings. Two of them were slightly hurt and miraculously the other child wasn’t. They were broadsided. We almost lost my mother who was in a coma for a
week and in the hospital for some time. My sisters and I were used to cooking, but not for the total care of our family. The three oldest children (me included) had to rotate taking days off school to take care of our two siblings who were not in school yet and do the cooking. The church we belonged to was 20 miles from where we lived in the country. They showed up every night for several weeks with an entire dinner for our family of nine while our mother was gone. They had everything from bread and butter to drinks to a main dish and dessert. I doubt they have any idea of the blessing that was to our family. We were totally overwhelmed and extremely grateful. It really filled a need we had. The interesting thing was I found out later that our church had never done that for anyone else. My siblings and I have never forgotten how that need was met and how much we needed the help. To this day, if I hear someone is sick or down my first instinct is to bring food.


It is also one of the reasons I joined the Meals Ministry Team. This ministry has certainly helped Rik and me when we really needed it and I know from my childhood how much it can mean.


If you are interested in joining the Meals Ministry, please contact Jane Bortnem at meals@northwood.cc


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    Linda Swanson says

    Muriel has been a great friend for many years and we have been the recipient of many wonderful foods from her. She has a generous heart and a giving spirit – I’m so glad that she is blessing so many others with her wonderful gift (not to mention she is one of the finest cooks we know).

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