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Men’s Saturday Morning Bible Study

Most of the time we think about Jesus, we think about his ministry on earth and his sacrifice on the cross. Do you ever wonder what he was doing before the creation of the earth or what he will be doing in the future? Please join us as we will spend time on Saturday mornings together studying and discussing how Jesus is seen in the Old Testament and how these facts are backed up in the New Testament.

We will be looking at 21 different aspects of Jesus, ranging from his role in the creation of the universe to his eternal Kingdom. There will be a study guide handed out before the study begins that will be used for the entire study. The study guide will include biblical facts, references to readings for each lesson and questions to answer. You are encouraged to do as much or as little homework as you want. The study will start on September 29, 2012 and finish up on April 27, 2013 with a break in December and another break around Easter. All men are invited. Contact Phil Schaefer with questions @

The Details

What: Men’s Bible Study
Who: Men
When: Saturday Mornings, 8am – 9am (Starts Sept. 29)
Where: Northwood House (16100 105th Ave N., Maple Grove, MN)
Cost: $5.00 for workbook

To sign up for this Bible study, visit the Welcome Table in the lobby during Sunday morning worship services.


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