NWKidsNorthwood Kids

We exist to love and encourage kids to believe in Jesus Christ and become more like Him. We believe that Christian community is the catalyst for spiritual growth and development. While personal spiritual disciplines are crucial to growth, having adults that care and friends that encourage can help a child’s faith grow exponentially .

When and Where

Sunday Mornings at Maple Grove Community Center,  quality programs for kids Nursery – 6th grade are offered year-round during both services. Pre-registration not required, just stop by the welcome table in the lobby. 

Wednesday Evenings September – May at our ministry space at 16100 105th Ave N. in Maple Grove. Programs run from 6-7:15pm. Pre-registration not required, just show up!

Why Church?

We understand, life is busy. Between school, homework, sports, and music lessons, do families really need one more thing on their plate? Honestly, the answer is yes! While all the activities your child is engaged in are good and teach positive life skills it is almost guaranteed that they leave out one crucial dimension of wellness, the spiritual dimension.

The National Wellness Institute lists Spirituality as one of their six dimensions of wellness, and defines it as “the development of belief systems, values, and creating a world view.” The message is clear, in order to raise happy and healthy kids, parents need to be intentional about guiding their child’s spiritual development. Don’t know how to start? Northwood Kids is here to help!

A Catalyst for Spiritual Growth

When we talk about spiritual growth in Northwood Kids, we are talking about helping kids to Know Jesus Christ and Become More Like Him. It’s pretty simple but focusing on these two spiritual concepts provides kids a strong core of Christian beliefs and values.

So how do we help kids believe in Jesus Christ and become more like Him? The answer is community! We believe that Christian Community is the catalyst for spiritual growth. Personal spiritual discipline is important but adding a dose of Christian community can really help a child’s spiritual development grow. In Northwood Kids we focus on the four hallmarks of Christian Community laid out in Acts 2:42-47. We call these hallmarks our GROW values and they the building blocks we use to create an authentic Christian environment for your child to grow spiritually.

God’s Word

Learning God’s word is essential to spiritual growth. Everything we do is rooted in God’s word and it serves as our guide in all that we teach. We want to ignite a love for God’s word in the heart of every child, so we are devoted to presenting God’s word in fun and creative ways that connect with your child’s heart and imagination.


Love is the cornerstone of Jesus’ message and love is a central part of Christian Community.  When your child comes to a Northwood Kids program or event we want them know above all else that they are loved by Jesus and by us.


We don’t exist for ourselves, rather we have been tasked with being the light of Jesus to the world. This means reaching out to others with the Love of Jesus. We want every kid to know just how they can put their faith into action at home, in class, on the playground, at sports practice, and even around the world. We believe that the love of Jesus has and will continue to change the world and that each child is part of sharing his love and making that change.


When you say worship most people think of singing and yes we do worship God with songs in Northwood Kids. However, we believe that worship is more than just songs. In Northwood kids we view our lives as giving worship to God. How we spend our time, money, and energy can be offered as worship to God. We want kids to know that worship isn’t something we only do on Sunday and Wednesday but it is an attitude of living that we exercise every day of our lives.