Nehemiah [June 17, 2012]


Description: Nehemiah is famous in the Old Testament for what he did: he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem after the Jews had been driven into exile.  However, Nehemiah should be just as famous for who he was.  By recognizing who he was in relation to God, and by trusting God to use every part of him, he was able to accomplish something unthinkable, even in the face of vicious opposition.  Nehemiah is an example to us whenever God leads us to undertake something we don’t think we can handle.

Speaker:  Chris Moore, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Bethel University

Series: Mentors #2

Title:  Nehemiah

Text:  Nehemiah 1 – 2

Big idea:   As we trust in God, He will put us into positions and give us

opportunities where we can serve Him by trusting him even more.


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