New Message Series begins November 6

We all know God wants us to tell other people about Jesus (the Holy Spirit naturally prompts us to do so!). Unfortunately, many of us (most of us?) never do so. Pastor and author Greg Laurie wants to change that so he wrote a wonderful short book entitled, Tell Someone. The book was not written to condemn us or make us feel bad if we’ve never told someone about Jesus. Instead, the book was written to inspire and encourage us to talk to others about Jesus in the same ways Jesus talked to others about Jesus. Using stories from Jesus’ life and the Bible, Laurie helps us see principles we all can apply to our life so we can Tell Someone about Jesus and how he’s impacted us. So, as the holidays approach and we spend time with people who don’t know Jesus (at a time of the year people are most open to spiritual conversations!), let’s prepare ourselves to tell others about Jesus using Jesus’ style. God wants to use us to help people believe in Jesus but the truth is we need to open our mouth and tell people about him. Let’s commit ourselves to be courageous this holiday season and tell someone about Jesus.

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