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New Message Series: Talking With God

One day Jesus’ disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray.” Jesus answered with what we call, “The Lord’s Prayer,” and Roman Catholics call, “The Our Father.” Actually, the best title of all for the prayer is, “The Disciples’ Prayer,” because Jesus gave the prayer to the disciples and it describes how and what Jesus’ followers should pray for.

That’s why The Lord’s Prayer is a “model prayer” and why we continue to say it today. In addition, every petition within it is important and collectively they teach us truth about God while also giving voice to the many needs we have. Since Northwood Church wants to pray more in 2012, we begin the year by speaking and studying the prayer Jesus taught us to pray. Hopefully, doing so will help us all grow in our practice of prayer and help us to pray more.


Message Schedule

 January 15 – The Do’s and Don’ts of Talking With God
January 22 – God’s Home and God’s Name
January 29 – Praying the Perfect Prayer
February 5 – Give Us Our Daily Bread 
February 12 – Forgive Us Our Sins
February 19 – Deliver Us From Evil
February 26 – The Doxology of the Lord’s Prayer

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