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New sermon series begins January 9

Following Jesus Christ does not exempt us from experiencing difficulties and disappointments. Nor does it mean we always have a good answer for everything that happens to us or that everything always goes our way. In fact, many times just the opposite is true. Following Jesus Christ sometimes leads to greater difficulties and greater mysteries – mysteries that often perplex us and challenge our faith. For example, why do so many of us struggle with depression even though the Holy Spirit lives within us? And, why does God allow some of us to suffer so much and so long with chronic illness when He has the power to heal us? In addition, why doesn’t God rescue us from situations that hurt us and sometimes even take our lives? In the face of life’s great mysteries God does provide helpful resources to encourage and sustain us. He gives us His presence (the Holy Spirit), His truth (the Bible) and His family (the church) and through them God may not give us all the answers we want but He always promises to gives us what we need as we trust in Him.

Mysteries in Life begins January 9 to January 30.

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