Northwood fills up the CROSS truck!

Northwooders participated in a landmark campaign this past Christmas Eve to raise funds for both the CROSS refrigerated truck and the Mobile Food Program that will serve Maple Grove residents (and surrounding cities) who can’t get to the CROSS food shelf in Rogers. CROSS and our community is blessed by your generosity of $31,150! But wait, there’s more!

March is the “Minnesota Food Share” month so Northwooders collected food over the past three weeks. How many pounds did CROSS receive from Northwood? On March 13 Northwooders filled the new truck with 1,897 pounds of food. Last Sunday another 165 pounds of food came in for a total of 2,062 pounds. We are over a ton!

What’s great about this is March donations are matched by the “Minnesota Food Share Campaign” so that’s like giving twice as much!

CROSS has been a Northwood Outreach Partner for several years at a $500 annual gift. This past year the Outreach Team made a decision to increase the annual gift to $3000 ($250 a month feeds a family of four for one year) and increase our focus with CROSS to align with the Northwood 2016 Objective “Bless Our Community”.

Thank you to every Northwooder who gave to the Christmas offering and the March Food Drive to benefit CROSS and bless people. God is using Northwood to impact lives for Jesus Christ through our giving to the Outreach Fund!

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