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Northwood gives Christmas offering for Kakuma shelters

Last Sunday Northwood Church gave a check for $25,581 to International Association for Refugees for shelters in the Kakuma Refugee Camp.  In response outreach partner Tom Albinson said, “2014 was a bad year in Kakuma.  Fifty – thousand new refugees arrived from South Sudan due to civil war, floods destroyed some existing shelters killing dozens of refugees and ethnic violence broke out within the camp. But, Northwood’s gift for Kakuma will bring hope and joy to those within the camp and it will be a witness to all that Christians care about everyone – Muslims, Animists and others – who live in Kakuma.”

Pastor Doten commented, “I praise God for every Northwooder who gave to provide shelters for refugees.   Our children gave through Sunday School classes and provided for one shelter ($300) and NSL teens gave $2400 (enough to house all of NSL!) and adults gave the rest. Tom says our gift will provide housing for up to 1000 refugees and will significantly help IAFR and her ministry within Kakuma. Thank you to every Northwooder who gave!  Isaiah 58:7 says, “Share your food with the hungry and give shelter to the homeless.”  I love pastoring a church that does what the Bible says!”

To watch the video of Pastor Brian Doten presenting Tom Albinson of International Association for Refugees with a check for $25,581 during our services on January 18th, click the link below.

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