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Northwood News Goes Through Revision

After seven years in its current format the Northwood News will be going through a major revision beginning October 2.  The new format will be smaller (post card size), black and white print and will include “bulleted” lists of Northwood activities and information and will include a “QR Code” (Quick Response Code) a code that will store our web address for smart phones to scan the image and direct the phone to the imbedded webpage, such as,
Along with the new Northwood News format the current information card used each week will also move to a new design.  

The reasons for the changes include the desire to increase use of Northwood’s website, reduce paper and printing costs (go green!) and increase funding for children, youth and worship ministries.  Pastor Brian Doten commented about the changes, “We’ve been discussing these changes for the past couple years and feel the time is right to make them due to the new fiscal year and rising paper and printing costs.  The changes will help Northwooders access our website for up-to-date event information and allow us to better fund important program ministries.”

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