Northwood Outreach Fund Helps with Disaster Relief Efforts

The southern part of the United States has been hit by unprecedented hurricane activity over the past few weeks. In response to the current need, the Outreach Team recently sent $1,000 to disaster relief through our current outreach partner, the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention (MWBC).

The MWBC works directly with the effort by the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief. The Southern Baptists are one of the largest non-government organizations doing disaster relief ranking in the top three along with the Red Cross and Salvation Army. The best part is 100% of the donations through the MWBC go to disaster relief.

If you are considering giving independently for disaster relief please consider doing so through the MWBC to maximize your donation. You can check out their website at Thank you, Northwood, for your continued giving to the Outreach Fund. It makes gifts like this possible and helps people as needs arise.

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