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NSL – Family Pie Night [video]

All NSL Families are invited to join us for Pie! Why?

The mathematical function of Pi is simplified to the digits 3.14, which translates to 3/14, or March 14, on the Calendar, making March 14 annual Pi day.

And the best way to celebrate Pi Day? Eat tons of Pie! So that’s what we’re doing.


On Monday, March 14 we’re going to have our annual Pie-eating get together. The details are simple. The entire family is invited. We’re meeting at Northwood House at 7:00pm. Bring enough Pie for the number of people in your family, then we all share in a giant pie smorgasbord!


It’s a great chance for NSL families to get to know each other and hang out with the awesome youth leaders. We hope to see you there!

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