On Track (Update #3)

We are on track for completing our projects by tomorrow. This is a picture of our group along with Steve (tall hairy guy in the middle), Donald and his daughter Nazareth. Luis was left taking the picture. The building we are standing in front of is the Casa Grande, Which is the one we are working on that houses their offices. It has been a busy and challenging week but fun. We have heard many testimonies from Costa Ricans that have been called to the mission field and it has been very inspiring. Thanks for your prayers.

God is great.
The Northwood 5


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    Mark Collier says

    Thank goodness… for a minute I thought that was Luis with the beard. Has Steve been growing that thing for like 3 years? Do his kids hid in there? I guess it’s a good place to keep a snack too.
    Looks like you guys are having an awesome week. Praying for safe travels home and looking forward to hearing all the cool stories of what God has been doing to you and through you down in CR.

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