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Pray in May:FreedomWorks

Each Sunday in May, an Outreach Ministry Partner will be represented by a display in the lobby. You will have an opportunity to learn more about the ministry, and most importantly, learn how we can pray for each of these outreach ministries. Please take a moment to drop by and say hello…say a prayer.

FreedomWorks is a post-prison ministry that provides re-entry support by building caring, Christ-centered relationships with former offenders and their families, leading into full integration into society as productive citizens and disciples of Jesus Christ. FreedomWorks provides balanced, structured programs and services to help meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of program participants upon their release from prison.

Meet Terry… “I was sitting in county jail waiting to be sentenced knowing I was going to prison, knowing that Daniela was trying to terminate my parental rights, when I finally broke down and just started to bawl. I could not do this anymore. I begged God to forgive me, to heal the horrific pain I had inside. And He did! Who would have thought that I had to go to prison to find freedom?”

To read more of Terry’s story or learn more about FreedomWorks visit their website at

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