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Que Pasa? (Mexico Update #2)

We are experiencing the question of “Why did God send us to Chiconautla this year?” This is a repeat trip for all of us and we knew what to expect with the differences in culture, language, food, etc…
Having each been here before we had certain expectations of what we thought God wanted us to do and things for us to accomplish. However, we are being reminded of dying to ourselves and our expectations. This morning in our devotion time, we shared that this is a ministry of being and continuing to show love to our brothers and sisters in Chiconautla by being here, participating in ministry with them. Just by being here, taking the time to be here, we show love. We are showing that these brothers and sisters are important to us. Because relationships are the most important ministry we can have.

Yesterday, we helped paint and clean. In doing so, Bret was reminded of a song by Sara Groves. She sings about seeing the beauty in things admist the not so beautiful. We walk to the church every morning and see garbage on the streets, smell smells we are not used to and then when we get to the church and we are surrounded by a clean building with beautiful plants growing and childrens art work displayed and are reminded that beauty matters. In painting yesterday, we took pride in doing a good job knowing that it matters when people walk in the building and sense and see the beauty…a place to worship God.

Prayer Requests – Please continue to pray for us, that we might “be” here and present in all that we are doing and in all the God is doing through us. Pray for Bret over the next three days as he is equipping pastors and leaders with ways to lead their congregations and groups. Please pray for Don and Katie as we are assisting with VBS. Also, pray for that our acting abilities 🙂 would help children walk away with knowing that they can trust in Jesus through lifes struggles and trials (we are presenting the story of Peter walking on the water with Jesus). Also, pray as we have an opportunity to teach at home groups. And pray for rest, the next three days are packed with activities and we are still adjusting to the night time sounds and not getting a lot of peaceful sleep. Gracias!!

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